Thursday, 15 September 2016

MXT-Most used hydraulic torque wrench in the World.

The MXT™ series is the all-time most requested square drive hydraulic torque equipment by maintenance, service and construction personnel worldwide! The MXT equipment includes features that set the standard by which all other manufacturers strive to measure up to.

HYTORC presents the high-strength MXT-SA versions of its ¾-inch, 1-inch and 1 ½-inch square-drive tools. Providing an unmatched level of strength in a quality torque tool, the MXT-SA has been designed for heavy production use. Although the SA versions have the same dimensions as their standard MXT counterparts; they are built with redesigned internal parts made of stronger materials to increase the tool longevity under continuous us
The MXT-SA units feature a polished chrome finish and a torque output equal to the standard square drive model MXT. These units are also offered with a remarkable no-questions-asked 5 year warranty with free annual inspections – an industry first!
10 special Benefits are as-
1.The most used hydraulic torque wrench in the World.
2. Continuously upgraded technology for unbeatable durability perfect fit on many jobs.
3. Hundreds of add-on fixtures available for perfect fit on any job.
4. Compact, ergonomic design for torque output up to 37,000 ft-lbs.
5. Uniswivel technology for free movement and positioning of tool and hoses.
6. 360 degree rotatable reaction arm for perfect fit on many jobs.
7. High strength metal square drive for performance & reliability
8. Heavy Duty
9. Powerful & Versatile

10. Provide  torque from 167 Nm To 50293 Nm 


It is ideal for Petrochemical, Shipping and Oil And Gas sector.

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