Tuesday, 29 March 2016

10 Things About Hytorc Nut You Want To Know

For critical applications requiring the highest level of bolt load control, the patented HYTORC Nut system provides industry-leading joint integrity. This three-piece fastener applies pure tension to the bolt to prevent thread damage and ensure bolt load accuracy. 

The various applications are as following:-
1. Exhaust Diffuser Bolts


3.Steam chest valves:-

4. Gas Turbines-
5.E Technology Casing Bolts

6.Frame 5 HJ and VJ

6. B Turbine VJ & H J
7.Turbine Shell Horizontal Flange

Features & Benefits:-
1.The HYTORC NUT™ is a perfect solution for limited radius applications.
2.Tools lock onto fasteners for hands-free operation 
3.Remote operation keeps personnel out of danger
4.Assures even and accurate bolt load for a perfect seal
 5.Creates pure tensile bolt loads with no stud torsion
6.Guaranteed to eliminate galling, allowing infinite stud reusability 
7.Cuts bolting time in half over alternative methods
8.Inline reaction improves safety by eliminating pinch points 
9.Works with a simple adapter for your HYTORC tools
10.The HYTORC NUT™ is available for any bolt size (imperial/metric), any thread configuration and upon request, is available in speciality materials to suite the application and environmental conditions.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

ID Mount Flange Facing Tool

 Portable machining tools  have been the preferred choice by professional field machining specialists for construction and maintenance of power plants, refineries, pulp plants, and paper mills.
Its competitive advantage comes from engineering design know-how, applications experience, product quality and performance, customer relationships, and end-to-end solution capability.
H&S Tool offers four models of reliable pipe machine tools with premium flange facing conversion accessories. Each is powered by reliable pneumatic or electric motors to accurately meet your job site or shop requirements.
The tools are portable, making them ideal for use in the field.Setup and operation is easily handled by a single worker.Kits include everything necessary to convert your Model B, MS,MT or MFT beveling tool with illustrated instructions. Standard wedge plates can be used for internal locking or precision elbow mandrels are available. The mandrels are designed to mount in short-radius elbows. The minimum straight depth to mount the model MSF is .500" [12.7 mm], model MTF is 1.000" [25.4 mm] and model MFTF is 1.250" [31.8 mm]).Centering and squaring devices make accurate machining of gasket surfaces and/or bolt patterns simple and safe.

 Single Person Setup And Operation
 Field Conversion Between Beveling Machine And Flange Facer Is Quick And       Easy
• Adjust Between A Wide Range Of Face Surfaces
• Internal Locking Increases Safety and Accuracy


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Avanti Torque Wrench-why this is special

Avanti provides the highest level of bolting optimization with major advantages in safety, speed and accuracy.It provide torque from 156 Nm- 1,87,792 Nm.Its Reaction Arm Is  Mounted On The Square Drive Eliminating Torsional Force On The Cylinder. It Also Enables To Customize The Reaction And Suit The Application.

The 3-in-1 Hydraulic Bolting System

The First System
Capable of acheiving consistent calibrated load accuracy within 5% with torque accuracy of ±3%.
Inline Reaction
Reduces side load and increases tool durability.
Uniswivel Technology
For free movement and positioning of tool and hoses.
Four-in-One system
For pure-tension, torque, torque-angle and yield point bolting.

1.Capable of pure-tension, torque, torque-angle or yield point bolting
2. Hands-free operation with elimination of dangerous pinch points
3.Increased simplicity and function for job time reduction of up to 50%
4. Industry leading bolt-load accuracy within ± 5% when using the HYTORC Nut™
5. Uni-swivel technology and 360˚ reaction arm for free movement
6.Available in 10 sizes with torque output from 115 ft-lbs to over 138,000 ft-lbs.


It is used in Petrochemical, Offshore Subsea, Power Generation, Shipping industries.
1.Avanti with Custom Reaction Fixture

2.Avanti with Nut Driver on Inverted Application

3.Avanti Simultorc Bolting Application

4.Avanti Simultorc on Subsea Bolting Application

5. Avanti Simultorc On Dollar Plate Application