Tuesday, 29 March 2016

10 Things About Hytorc Nut You Want To Know

For critical applications requiring the highest level of bolt load control, the patented HYTORC Nut system provides industry-leading joint integrity. This three-piece fastener applies pure tension to the bolt to prevent thread damage and ensure bolt load accuracy. 

The various applications are as following:-
1. Exhaust Diffuser Bolts


3.Steam chest valves:-

4. Gas Turbines-
5.E Technology Casing Bolts

6.Frame 5 HJ and VJ

6. B Turbine VJ & H J
7.Turbine Shell Horizontal Flange

Features & Benefits:-
1.The HYTORC NUT™ is a perfect solution for limited radius applications.
2.Tools lock onto fasteners for hands-free operation 
3.Remote operation keeps personnel out of danger
4.Assures even and accurate bolt load for a perfect seal
 5.Creates pure tensile bolt loads with no stud torsion
6.Guaranteed to eliminate galling, allowing infinite stud reusability 
7.Cuts bolting time in half over alternative methods
8.Inline reaction improves safety by eliminating pinch points 
9.Works with a simple adapter for your HYTORC tools
10.The HYTORC NUT™ is available for any bolt size (imperial/metric), any thread configuration and upon request, is available in speciality materials to suite the application and environmental conditions.

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