Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Avanti Torque Wrench-why this is special

Avanti provides the highest level of bolting optimization with major advantages in safety, speed and accuracy.It provide torque from 156 Nm- 1,87,792 Nm.Its Reaction Arm Is  Mounted On The Square Drive Eliminating Torsional Force On The Cylinder. It Also Enables To Customize The Reaction And Suit The Application.

The 3-in-1 Hydraulic Bolting System

The First System
Capable of acheiving consistent calibrated load accuracy within 5% with torque accuracy of ±3%.
Inline Reaction
Reduces side load and increases tool durability.
Uniswivel Technology
For free movement and positioning of tool and hoses.
Four-in-One system
For pure-tension, torque, torque-angle and yield point bolting.

1.Capable of pure-tension, torque, torque-angle or yield point bolting
2. Hands-free operation with elimination of dangerous pinch points
3.Increased simplicity and function for job time reduction of up to 50%
4. Industry leading bolt-load accuracy within ± 5% when using the HYTORC Nut™
5. Uni-swivel technology and 360˚ reaction arm for free movement
6.Available in 10 sizes with torque output from 115 ft-lbs to over 138,000 ft-lbs.


It is used in Petrochemical, Offshore Subsea, Power Generation, Shipping industries.
1.Avanti with Custom Reaction Fixture

2.Avanti with Nut Driver on Inverted Application

3.Avanti Simultorc Bolting Application

4.Avanti Simultorc on Subsea Bolting Application

5. Avanti Simultorc On Dollar Plate Application


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