Monday, 26 December 2016

World First FRL-Free Torque Gun with LCD Display- Digital JGun

The new digital jGun series from HYTORC is the world’s first torque-adjustable pneumatic multiplier with a digital readout and FRL-free operation. Unlike other systems that require a separate filter, regulator and lubrication system between the air line and the tool, the patented design of the digital jGun eliminates the need for this add-on for the highest level of portability and convenience.


1. Digital Readout
The digital jGun is the world’s first industrial torque multipler with a digital readout for instant confirmation of selected torque. No more pressure-to-torque conversions or calculations. Select between ft-lbs and Nm or PSI and BAR.

2. Built in torque Adjustment
Other pneumatic multipliers require the use of a separate air regulator to adjust the output. The Digital jGun is the first of its kind with an on board air regulator for simple torque adjustment with a twist of the connector at the bottom of the handle. This feature is especially convenient when switching from tightening to loosening, giving you the ability to quickly adjust to full power for fast and easy break-out.

3. No lubrication required
The new motor featured in the Digital jGun is a workhorse designed for heavy industrial use. With maximum power to weight and a rugged corrosion resistant design, this motor eliminates the need for separate air filters and lubrication systems making the Digital jGun the most portable air powered torque gun on the market.

4.High torque Deliver- 
The Digital jGUN pneumatic torque wrench is designed to safely and accurately deliver up to 8,000 ftlbs of torque onto a fastener. This is accomplished using a patented planetary gearbox torque multiplier system and an appropriate reaction arm or HYTORC Reaction Washer™ and HYTORC Nut™

3 Benifits from Hytorc Washer

Replacing your standard washer with a HYTORC Washer makes your job safer, faster and more accurate while increasing the lifespan of your tools. This upgrade can be used on nearly every bolting application without changing your existing bolts and nuts.

Application of Hytorc washers-
1.Ammonia Button Flange

2.Manhole of Combustion Chamber-

3.Sewage Plant Applications-
4.Haul Truck Application

5.Rolling Stand Roll Guide in Steel Industry

6. H2 Exchanger-Simultorc Application
Benefits with Hytorc Washer-
1.Increase Job Safety -The elimination of external moving parts and the intuitive design of the HYTORC Washer system make it the safest bolting method in the industry.

2.Increase Joint Integrity -The HYTORC Washer ensures even and accurate bolt load to eliminate joint failure and unintentional nut loosening.

3.Increase Tool Longevity -Other bolting systems put the reaction arm and square drive on opposite sides of the tool causing high stress in the body of the tool, which can lead to failure over time. The HYTORC Washer puts the action and reaction on the square drive axis to eliminate the majority of internal stress, and increase the lifetime of your tools