Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Interesting facts about Thrill Gun Wrench

The THRILL™ with its impact assisted run off or run down of fasteners overcomes corrosion and thread flaws at high speed. Flipping the stabiliser handle, the THRILL™ turns from an impact gun to a torque power tool, ready to break out fasteners or to torque them within 5% with continuous rotation rather than the intermittent power of impact guns. Overall, this makes the THRILL™ the fastest and most reliable power tool yet!

Impact Pre-Torque

Grab both handles, pull both triggers for a corrosion-overcoming, reaction arm-free, impact assisted pre-torque up to 3,200 rpm.

Safe Precision-Torque

Flip the front handle, push the Safety plate with one hand and pull the trigger with the other to speed up precision-bolting in the safest possible way.



It is ideal for Oil And Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Infrastructure sector.

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