Tuesday, 17 May 2016

15 Benefits of using Juwel Electrical Wrench

An electric torque wrench is a planetary torque multiplier or a "Gearbox" mated to an electric motor. At the end of the "gearbox" is a reaction device that is used to absorb the torque. This allows the operator of the tool to use the electric torque wrench with very little effort.
These tools are primarily used anywhere accurate torque is required on a nut and bolt, or where a stubborn nut needs to be removed.
The 2 Special types of Jewel are as following-
1.Standard Build-

JUWEL-electrical power screwdrivers from the standard series TES, TEWS and TESM are highly compact Electrical power screwdrivers that are highly valued around the world for their robustness and reliability. The units are used where high tightening and loosening torques are required, e.g. in steel construction, crane assembly, power plant and generator construction. 

2.Heavy Load Build-

Combining state-of-the-art high-precision production with use of highest-quality materials has led to a highly resilient and maintenance-friendly gear. The modular gear build permits separate bearings for individual planet stages. This once again strongly reduces operational wear and significantly increases gear service life

15 Benefits of using Juwel Electrical tool are as following-

  • 1.Available from 200 to 15,000 Nm
  • 2.Proven Gearbox Technology
  • 3.Straight And Angle Type Available

  • 4.Freely turning drive unit
  • 5.Quick and precise
  • 6.2-step gear ri./le.
  • 7.200 torque settings
  • 8.Modular build with bearings for continuous use

  • 9.With a torque deactivation system with an accuracy of +/- 3.5% at consistent screwing application
  • 10.Quick, precise, safe and low-noise
  • 11.Devices available in 230 Volt and 110 Volt versions.
  • 12.Newly designed drive motor characterised by its robust and maintenance-friendly structure as well as by high performance reserves

  • 13.Right- and left-ward rotation and a 2-step gear; adjustable with 200 torque settings.
  • 14.Any position of the operating unit possible; drive motor can be freely turned by 360°, which ensures comfortable positioning of the device on the screw connection
  • 15.Can optionally be either with a load release. This leads to independent loosening of the torsion between the push-on socket and the support. The drive motor briefly turns into the opposite direction for this. This option is indispensable for short assembly times and offers best work safety.


It is used in Multiple applications & sector like infrastructure.

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