Tuesday, 9 February 2016

ABS Power Industry Applications

The power industry application are as following-

1. 1.5MW Wind Turbine Foundation Bolt

Tool -Stealth 4 with 5mm link

2.Anchor Bolt 15MW

Tool- Avanti-1
Pump- JetPro10.3 Pump ,Traction Pad Fixture

3.Tower 1 to Tower2 Bolts 15MW

Tool- Avanti-5
Pump- Jetpro 10.3 Traction Pad Fixture

4. Gear Box Mounting Bolts 2.1MW

Tool- Avanti-3 -M36 Loaddsc

5.Hub to Main Shaft 15MW

Tool- Avanti-3 Traction Pad Fixture
Pump-Jet Pro 10.3 Pump

6.Ginder Bolts 1.5MW

Pump-Jet Pro 10.3 Pump

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